• Spruce up your business

    Spruce up your business

    Showcase your products and services proudly on the wall
  • Man cave – Redefined

    Man cave – Redefined

    Having a man cave doesn't mean you can't show off your artistic side, right?
  • Home away from home

    Home away from home

    Beautify the reception area with a homely feeling
  • Brighten up your living room

    Brighten up your living room

    Nuff said......don't you just like it? Get personalized with our Canvas Prints
  • Bored of your blank walls?

    Bored of your blank walls?

    Liven it up with our vibrant canvas prints...
  • All work and no play?

    All work and no play?

    Make your workplace a fun and comfortable place to be in....
  • Sophistication with simplicity

    Sophistication with simplicity

    Create that sophisticated look with artworks


Welcome to Canvas88

We offer a wide selection of sizes from, single panels, tri-panels, multi panels and many more that can guarantee will match with ideas and the your creativity.
Vibrant colour, high resolution, durable product and we are a part of one of the leading printing companies in Malaysia who have served more than 14 years for the business community are the quality assurance of our products.and the story continues →



Print practically anything that you fancy, from self-portraits, family photos, pictures of your pet, that perfect moment, or simply the memories of your travelscapes. With our ready-to-hang frames, you’ll be surprised to see how our canvas print brings life to your home and office interiors, with its endless display ideas and possibilities. All at an affordable price and that lasts a lifetime! Now, everyone can own a personalized art!



  • Ever thought of how you could beautify your home?
  • Or how  you can spruce up your workplace and retail outlets?
  • Want to have prints that fits your personality?

Well, look no further. We are proud to present to you, our wide range of canvas prints that caters to any of your idea options. We at Canvas88 offers your a diverse range of sizes and layouts that fits you!

Why choose Canvas88?

  1. 1
    Easy and Fast
    Simple and direct selection and payment methods
  2. 2
    Wide range of Sizes
    Multiple choices, mix and match options, numerous sizes to choose from
  3. 3
    Get personalized prints – All the time

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